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Fittings for connecting tubes

Wide range of fittings for connecting tubes.

Fittings for connecting tubes


Brief overview of our fitting program:

  • Tube to tube fittings
    • Straight connectors, equal legs
    • Straight reductions
    • Y-connectors, equal legs
    • Elbow connectors, equal legs
    • Elbow reductions
    • T-connectors, equal legs
    • T-connectors, reductions
    • 4-way connectors, equal legs
    • Plugs
  • Luer fittings
    • Luer to tube connectors
    • Luer to Luer connectors and Plugs
    • Luer to thread connectors
    • Large bore luer to tube connectors
    • Plugs
  • Panel mount fittings
    • Tube to tube and tube to luers
  • Threaded fittings
    • Straight connectors, thread to tube
    • Elbow connectors, thread to tube
    • T-connectors, thread to tube
    • Threaded plugs
    • Threaded reductions